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Who do YOU have in the Super Bowl?

We are 24 hours away from the NFL season starting. Hard to believe we are back already. SO let's talk about who the SFM crew has winning it all.

Clack: They're so many good QBs who can lead their team to win it all. While I think Patrick Mahomes has so much magic left in him ultimately a pissed of Josh Allen is bad for the league. Clack's Super Bowl Pick: Bills over Bucs

Tyler: Go bold or go home right? Nobody is talking about Matt Ryan is much better than Carson Wentz and they have a great team around him. Tyler's pick: Colts over Bucs

Joe: 90% of the country has this pick and I agree. Rams make it back but will not go back-to-back. Josh Allen finally gets his Super Bowl: Joe's pick: Bills over Rams

Blake: This is finally the year. Even without solid QB player Derrick Henry and a strong defense get it done. Blake's pick: Titans over Bucs.

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